The Application Model of Cultural Capital in Conservation and Rehabilitation of Community Forest Ecosystems along the Chi River at Samet Village, Nongteng Sub District, Krasang District, Buriram Province

ResearchSDGs 6
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Samran Dhurata , Utit Tahom , Pichit Wandee , Ramet pommasat
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Management Sciences, Buriram Rajabhat University

This study is a participatory action research (PAR) which data were collected through in-depth interview, group discussion, field trips, holding problem analysis meeting with the community, brainstorming, and participatory observation. The results showed that the application of cultural capital in the conservation and rehabilitation of the community forest ecosystems along the Chi River was divided into 3 following plans: 1) Development plan on society, tradition, and culture consisting of: (1.1) establishing understanding and a wildfire prevention system with forest utilizers, (1.2) organizing wildfire prevention activities every year, and (1.3) applying human capital to community forest conservation and rehabilitation;