Pore characteristics and structural properties of ethanol-treated starch in relation to water absorption capacity

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ผู้อ่าน 353 คน
Achmat Sarifudin , Thewika Keeratiburana , Siriwat Soontaranon , Chaiyot Tangsathitkulchai , Sunanta Tongtaa
Institute of Agricultural Technology, Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization), Suranaree University of Technology, Faculty of Science, Buriram Rajabhat University

Ethanol-treated starch (ETS) is known to absorb a high amount of water at room temperature. The influences of pore characteristics and structural properties of ETS prepared from 4 different starch sources (maize, potato, cassava, and rice starches) at three conversion temperatures (80, 90 and 100 °C) on water absorption capacity (WAC) were investigated. The results indicate that ETS from maize and potato starches contain non-rigid and slit-shaped pores. For ETS from maize and potato starches, water penetrated the granules through the fissures, hydrated the amorphous regions, melted the V-type crystalline structure, and was held within the ETS granules upon water absorption. For non-granular ETS from cassava and rice starches, water hydrated the amorphous and V-type crystalline structures, and was entrapped within a three-dimensional network of starch components upon contact with water.