The Model of Participatory Community Water Management of Ban muangkae, Banmuangkae Subdistrict, Satuk District, Buriram Province

ResearchSDGs 6
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Thitaporn Wengwiset , Udompong Ketsripongsa
Faculty of Education, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Buriram Rajabhat University

This research aims to 1. Finding a participatory water resource management model for the community in Tambon Muang Ka, Satuk District, Buriram Province and 2. To find appropriate co-operative practices in the management of water resources. Community of Consumers with the participation of the community in Muang District, Satuk District, Buri Ram. The data collected from the community in the target is the community of Tambon Muang Ka District, Buri Ram. A total of 10 households were selected. The result showed that the problem of water resource management for community consumption Lack of knowledge of community water management for community consumption. There is no clear pattern of water management. There is no form of natural water source to reach people who have not benefited. To bring water to grow crops in the off-season to increase income. Water management requires alternative energy. Lack of public relations, water management. From this research, the model of water source management for consumer consumption is achieved. By managing the water sources for consumption with the participation of Muang Ban Kae community Innovative air pressure pumping systems are introduced which people in the community can invest on their own at a low cost. The performance of households in the community Helps to reduce household expenses from the use of electricity or oil energy by 10 percent.